Error: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class abbyy.flexicapture.webapi.client.TenantClient


When trying to run the workflow after attaching the invoice at the first step and then submitting the following error occurs: "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class abbyy.flexicapture.webapi.client.TenantClient".



The issue is resolved in the latest version of Pega Connector, which you can download by the following link:


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    Nenad Mihajlovic

    Hello Nazarii,

    has this been tested with Pega 8.8.3 on the Cloud. We're still having this issue, which is blocking our Pega upgrade path. There's also a ticket with Pega support, which has been escalated towards US already: INC-A16051

    It would be great if a joint test could be done.

    Findings so far:

    This incident was changed to be a Follow-The-Sun case now. For my colleague who takes it, I summarized our findings like this:

    • An attempt to instantiate the class "abbyy.flexicapture.webapi.client.TenantClient" causes an "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class abbyy.flexicapture.webapi.client.TenantClient"
    • We were able to drill down that this is caused by the initialisation "abbyy.flexicapture.appsrvapi.FlexiCaptureWebServiceApiVersion1Locator locator = new abbyy.flexicapture.appsrvapi.FlexiCaptureWebServiceApiVersion1Locator();" in "abbyy.flexicapture.webapi.client.api.BaseAppSrvApi!
    • Any attempt to load or instantiate "abbyy.flexicapture.appsrvapi.FlexiCaptureWebServiceApiVersion1Locator" caused a NoClassDefFoundError or a ClassNotFoundError.
    • All classes we used for testing were successfully imported into PR_ENGINECLASSES; this was verified by QueryRunner
    • The FindClass Utility reported "abbyy.flexicapture.webapi.client.TenantClient" as not found, but reported in the logs a NoClassDefFoundError for "abbyy.flexicapture.appsrvapi.FlexiCaptureWebServiceApiVersion1Locator"



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