File Storage size is increasing - Full Guide


The File Storage folder constantly swelling in size even tho processed batches are set to be deleted periodically.


Processed images and training samples are taking the most of the File Storage space


1. You can clean up the processed batches from the File Storage using the clean-up functionality of FlexiCapture: set the Delete processed batched after <selected number> days option to one week or less. You can also periodically clean the processed batches through the Manual cleanup feature of the Administration and Monitoring Console

You can also completely clean up the file-storage folder:

  1. Export the projects: Project Setup Station > Open Project from Server > Project > Export project.
  2. Make sure that you do not have any batches being processed. It is necessary to stop the production because the next is deleting the project from the server.
  3. Cleanup processed batches: Administration and Monitoring Console > Service > Cleanup > Manual cleanup. Select the Processed batches, choose the period and click the Cleanup button.
  4. Close all sessions: Administration and Monitoring Console > Monitoring > Sessions.
  5. Delete projects from the Server: Administration and Monitoring Console > Settings > Projects.
  6. At this moment, all the data related to the project should already be deleted from the FileStorage.
  7. Upload the project to the server again via the Project Setup Station.


3. Compact the project before re-uploading it to the server, which will reduce the size of the project.


The article CompactProject provides additional information about the compact project option. Also, please note that it is recommended to create projects backup and FlexiCapture server backup regularly, and before doing any changes. Please find the operation description for the latest FlexiCapture version in the ABBYY Online Help article Creating an ABBYY FlexiCapture backup.
4. Remove unnecessary documents from Training batches. Please consider using the "DeleteTrainingSamples" CLI command to delete accumulated documents and images from all the training batches, leaving only the training results. So if you require keeping specific documents for further training, please consider deleting the unwanted images manually. As an option, please consider using the command parameter "/DeleteOlderThan". You can also delete image documents from the training folders (one by one) from the Project Setup Station.  In such a case, the files will be deleted from the FileStorage folder, but training results will remain.
More details are available under the following link:
5. You can delete all samples marked as "For testing" the state of which has not been changed by you and without changing the current state from the batches to get more storage space.

6. Shrink operation on the database and its files in SQL Management Studio. You can find this instruction online from Microsoft, such as


7. Rebuild the index of the database. There are several options online on how to do that, this is one example:


8. Delete unnecessary working batches.



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