How to take a screenshot using the Screenshot Reader tool


How to take a screenshot using the Screenshot Reader tool?


It is possible to use the Screenshot Reader application or the bonus Screenshot Reader that comes with FineReader PDF to take a screenshot. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Start button and scroll to find the application:
    For the separate Screenshot Reader software, find ABBYY Screenshot Reader 11.
    For FineReader PDF, find ABBYY FineReader PDF > select ABBYY Screenshot Reader
  2. Launch Screenshot Reader.
  3. Adjust the settings for the Capture and Send drop-down lists.
  4. In the Send list, select Image to Clipboard / Image to File.
  5. Click the Capture screenshot button (or press Alt+Enter).
  6. Select an area to capture > click Capture (or press Enter).
  7. The image will be copied to the clipboard, if the Image to Clipboard option was selected. Paste it where needed. 
    If the Image to File option was selected, the Save As dialog box will open, in which the name and format of the file should be specified to save a screenshot.

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