FineReader PDF 15 for Mac Release 4 (and Sprint for Mac Release 1)

Release Date: 20.07.2022

Part number: 1402/12, 1418/12, 1420/10, 1428/7, #1439/1, #1440/1, #1441/1

Product Version: 15.2.5

Build number: 636108, 636405, 636435, 636074

  • Portuguese (Brazilian) and Dutch user interface languages added.
  • FineReader PDF 15 Sprint for Mac (Release 1)
    Replacing FineReader 12 Sprint for Mac, FineReader PDF 15 Sprint for Mac is a light version of FineReader which has the following key advantages:

    1. PDF opening ang viewing.
    2. Print PDF, rotate pages in PDF or images.
    3. Quick conversion scenarios (Convert to Word, Convert to Excel etc.).
    4. Improved OCR (new technology core - OCRT16).
    5. Advanced OCR settings to improve accuracy and consistency when working with more complex documents (area correction, image editing tools).
    6. Expanded number of export and import formats and wider set of Recognition (OCR) languages.

    More information about End of Life of FineReader 12 Sprint for Mac can be found here.
    More information about FineReader PDF 15 Sprint for Mac features can be found on our website.
  • Eraser tool malfunction when used near borders of a page.
  • Bugs when creating separators with Split tool.
  • Page view zoom could reset when switching between Area editing tools.
  • Inability to return to work on a project after a long downtime.
  • Dragging pages in the left pane of the block editor could result in duplicated thumbnails.

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