Photo tips for Business Card Reader application


How do I improve the recognition results of the business card? 


The quality of recognition depends on the quality of the captured photo. To get the best results of recognition, please follow the tips on taking photos that are suitable for recognition:

  • Place business cards on a high-contrast background (for white business cards, use a dark background and vice versa. The contrasting background colors lead to better results).
  • A business card should fit entirely within the frame on the screen while taking a picture.
  • The lines of text should be parallel to the top edge of the screen of your mobile device.
  • Ensure that the lighting is bright and even.
  • To prevent overexposure, avoid using the flash (daylight is preferable).
  • The distance between your camera and the business card should be about 15-30 cm. If you position your device closer than 15 centimeters to the text, the resulting image will likely be blurred.
  • The text should be set in standard fonts.
  • The text on the resulting photo should not be skewed by more than 20 degrees.
  • Don't move\shake your phone while taking a picture. Enable your camera's anti-shake feature, if available.
  • Photograph one business card at a time.

If the quality of the captured business card is good and the application does not work properly, please submit a request.

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