FineReader PDF 15 for Mac Release 4 Update 1

Release Date: 17.08.2022

Part number: 1402/13, 1418/13, 1420/11, 1428/8, #1439/2, #1440/2, #1441/2

Product Version: 15.2.6

Build number: 668308, 668310, 668311, 668088

  • (only for the software available in App Store) Monthly subscription is now available.
  • Perpetual license offer has been discontinued in App Store (current users of perpetual licenses are not affected).
  • (only for the software available in App Store) Management of temporary files has been optimized to prevent piling them up.
  • The software operation log collection improvements for better customer support and more efficient bug fixing.
  • End User License Agreement has been updated.
  • Adding pages from image files or a PDF could result in a program error.

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