How to route password-protected documents in FlexiCapture Cloud


In the FlexiCapture Cloud after the update, all password-protected documents that are imported with email profiles will be stored in the processed folder.


This is caused by the new feature, implemented in Release 4 to speed up the import from mailboxes. The import and document pre-processing can be executed on different Processing Stations/job executors. The moving of an email to the 'Processed' folder in the mailbox doesn't mean that the attachment could be opened successfully, but rather that an email and attachments have been downloaded without any issues.


If separation of such documents is needed, there is a workaround with the processing workflow. It is possible to define if the document is password-protected, and based on this condition it can be followed to the special custom stage. As an example, the "Exception-password" stage can be created which should be at the top of the list:

On the scanning stage as an exit route configure this exception_password stage with the scripted rule condition. If needed disable the possibility of sending documents to this stage for operators:

The following script can be used:

Result.CheckSucceeded = Document.ProcessingErrors.Contains("password-protected");

With this option, all the password-protected documents will be forwarded to this custom stage but the rest will be forwarded according to the workflow:

This solution is just an example of how this situation can be handled. 

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    Mark Maron

    Hi Dmytro,

    Is it possible to implement this solution for an on-premise installation?

    I followed your solution in an on-premise installation and setup the additional workflow stage as you explained, but after preprocessing, the document is immediately moved to the exceptions folder and the batch is deleted.



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