Error occurs in Lingvo x6: "Internal program error: C:\lingvo\code\16.2\trunk\0\awl\src\windowgroupmoverawl.cpp, 16"

The following error message is displayed when you use Lingvo x6:

Internal program error:

c:\lingvo\code\16.2\trunk\0\awl\src\windowgroupmoverawl.cpp, 16

Code: 0x486

To resolve the issue please do change these settings:

  1. Quick lookup:
    1. Open menu Tools > Options > Quick lookup;
    2. Choose Show pop-up window > when I point to a word while holding down this button Ctrl;
    3. Press ОК.
  2. Online translation:
    1. Open menu Tools > Options > Online translation;
    2. Set Get entries from online dictionaries > Only when I click a link.

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