Enabling sound in Lingvo Dictionaries for Android

How can I listen to pronunciations of words in ABBYY Lingvo Dictionaries for Android?

In order to listen to pronunciations of words, you need to install a dictionary that includes recorded pronunciations. The dictionaries that include recorded pronunciations of words are listed below.
If a recorded pronunciation is available for an entry in one of the dictionaries listed below, you can tap the speaker icon to download an audio file with the pronunciation. Please note that pronunciations were recorded only for frequently used words.

English pronunciations are available in:
LingvoUniversal (En-Ru)
Essential (En-Ru)
Universal (En-Fr)
Universal (En-It)
Universal (En-Es)
Universal (En-De)

German pronunciations are available in: 
Universal (De-Ru)
Essential (De-Ru)

French pronunciations are available in: 
Essential (Fr-Ru)
Universal (Fr-Ru)
Universal (Fr-En)

Spanish pronunciations are available in: 
Universal (Es-Ru)
Universal (Es-En)

Russian pronunciations are available in: 
Universal (Ru-De)
Universal (Ru-En)
Universal (Ru-Ch)

Ukrainian pronunciations are available in: 
Pronouncing (Uk-Uk)

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