Installing the Sound Files in Lingvo Dictionaries for iOS

Not all dictionaries have audio.

You can hear English words pronounced in:
LingvoUniversal (En-Ru)
Essential (En-Ru)
Universal (En-Fr)
Universal (En-It)
Universal (En-Es)
Universal (En-De)

You can hear German words pronounced in: 
Universal (De-Ru)
Essential (De-Ru)

You can hear French words pronounced in: 
Essential (Fr-Ru)
Universal (Fr-Ru)
Universal (Fr-En)

You can hear Spanish words pronounced in: 
Universal (Es-Ru)
Universal (Es-En)

You can hear Russian words pronounced in: 
Universal (Ru-De)
Universal (Ru-En)
Universal (Ru-Ch)

You can hear Ukrainian words pronounced in: 
Pronouncing (Uk-Uk)

To download an audio file in Lingvo Dictionaries for iOS, do the following:

  1. Click the Dictionaries tab;
  2. Use the language button in the top left corner to select the desired language pair;
  3. In the list of installed dictionaries, click the desired dictionary;
  4. In the window that opens, click Install sound to start downloading the file. If you see a Delete sound button instead of the Install sound button, this means that the sound file for this dictionary has already been installed. If neither Install sound nor Delete sound button is displayed, there is no sound file available for this dictionary.

Once the sound file is installed, you will be able to play back recorded pronunciations by clicking the loudspeaker icon in dictionary entries. Note that recorded pronunciations are available only for the most common words.

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