Vantage connector to MS Power Automate error: The image file format has not been recognized.


I configured a flow in MS Power Automate to get the email attachment from the inbox and send it to Vantage for processing. I use Vantage connector to MS Power Automate.

However, while testing, the transaction fails in Vantage with the error:

Job execution error. Error source: WorkerWorker name: OcrEngine.Worker.Import. Worker version: 2. Worker path: <unspecified>. Original error: [OcrEngineException: The image file format has not been recognized.


The issue is reproduced if to test the flow automatically:

If to test it manually, or if to run the flow normally (not testing), all is fine.

The root cause of the issue is that there is some issue in Power Automate, and it misses some request headers when it resends requests in automatic test flow mode. This causes files to be saved in Vantage as not decoded - in base64 format, and then Vantage can't work with them.


Decode the attachment from base64 to binary before adding it to the transaction:

  • In Power Automate change the value of body from Attachments Content to this expression - base64ToBinary(items('Apply_to_each')?['contentBytes'])

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