Cloud OCR SDK purchase refund process.


How to request Cloud OCR SDK purchase refund?



The transactions are performed by the 2Checkout, this service is responsible for the refunds.

2CO myAccount Portal available with the link

You can use the account to:

  • view your complete order history
  • download invoices (available for most Merchants)
  • retrieve license keys
  • renew your subscription
  • stop the automatic renewal of your service
  • find the support details for the product manufacturer (2Checkout can assist with the online payment information; if you require any assistance with your product, please contact the Merchant directly.)
  • edit all your personal and billing information

When you access it for the first time, go to "Create new account" and enter the email address that you have used to order. You will then receive an email from us containing a link to setup your password.

You can also log-in to the account with your Google, Yahoo, or AOL e-mail address.

Please request a refund on their website.

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