Scanning Station cannot display PDF File


In the Scanning Station, the following message is displayed instead of the document:

please wait.png


One of the possible reasons for this issue is that the document might have been created in Adobe LiveCycle Designer and contains XFA forms features, which aren't currently supported.


In case it's a single document, the easiest and quickest workaround could be a digital reprinting to create a copy of this particular document. 

Digital reprinting is equivalent to opening the document in Chrome and using the Print button to save the same document or Quick Print from Outlook. After the conversion, it will be an image-based, not a text-based document, but you'll be able to process it in the FlexiCapture.  

Note: There is no special version compatibility while using FlexiCapture with any PDF readers or form builders. ABBYY FlexiCapture does not support XFA forms in PDF, and supporting them in the future is not planned, because XFA is a format specific to Adobe and, accordingly, supported only by Adobe.

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