How to convert the date from MM-DD-YYYY to DD-MM-YYYY?


How to convert the date from MM-DD-YYYY to DD-MM-YYYY in FlexiCapture 12 if just adding normalization settings doesn't work?

What to do if after adding normalization settingsFlexiCapture still capture date in wrong format?


To convert the date from one format to another try to use Normalization settings in the Document Definition -> date field properties to specify the desired date format:


In the case, you still receiving the date in the wrong format, please, set the correct date formats order in the Document Definition -> date field Properties -> Data tab -> Data type -> Edit -> Order of date components -> Setup:


The first date format in the list should be the one that is used in the document. 

Please note: in case of using the option "Use first acceptable date format" FlexiCapture will always use the first suitable date format from this list to capture the date from the document, therefore it can capture the date in the wrong format if the date in the document can be treated as both MM-DD-YYYY and DD-MM-YYYY like in the following example:


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