SQL database backup causing FlexiCapture 12 complex hanging.


Every few days in FlexiCapture 12 live environment, I find the Processing Station in a stopping state in my Processing Server. The issue occurs on regular basis.

In some cases there could be hung tasks of 'cleaning up expired sessions' in the tasks list, sometimes it has been there for days.

SQL databases are doing a backup before the hang in the FlexiCapture complex.


FlexiCapture Database is required for normal work of FlexiCapture Application Server and all other related components. The database should be available and not locked with the backup procedures for normal FlexiCapture complex components operations.

You cannot hang an SQL base while FlexiCapture complex is working -  FlexiCapture will try to access the database, and it is locked by the backup process.


The FlexiCapture database should be excluded from the automatic backup process at the database server.

Alternatively, perform the database backup on stopped FlexiCapture complex.

Additional Information

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