TabSeparator Java use case example


How does TabSeparator property of the TextExportParams object work? 



This parameter stores the string with which the table separators are replaced in the exported text. This property is taken into account during export to CSV and TXT formats exclusively.

By default, the value of the table separator is "\t". 


More on TabSeparator can be found here: TextExportParams Object

Use case example: 

ITextExportParams textParams = engine.CreateTextExportParams();
textParams.setTabSeparator("/t"); - with a default parameter, this symbol will be used as a separator for tables, screenshots for reference

The picture on the right was processed with textParams.setTabSeparator("/t"); only. Original input for comparison.

The picture on the right is processed with both previously defined parameters. Original input for comparison.

Note: RetainLayout property is deprecated and will be deleted in future versions. To simulate the original layout with the help of spaces, set the LayoutRetentionMode property to TXTLRM_ExactCopy.

This property is FALSE by default.


More info regarding RetainLayout and LayoutRetentionMode can be found here: TextExportParams Object




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