Internal Program Error "...\RecPage\RecPage\VectorLineDivisionBuilder.cpp, 235." on recognition in FlexiCapture 12.


Recognition of some documents in FlexiCapture 12 fails with error:

Internal Program Error: D:\Build\TeamAgent\_work\2\s\0\OCRT\RecognizerHP\RecPage\RecPage\VectorLineDivisionBuilder.cpp, 235.


FlexiCapture fails to generate field text line with the provided field settings. FlexiCapture 12 OCR mechanisms fail on attempts to generate meaningful text line based on image in the field region.

May occur with bad image quality and complex and non-relevant background. For example, random dotting in the background and white boxes for letters are in the document while "Simple" marking is specified in the field properties.


Use the following approaches for the issue resolution:

  • Improve the image quality.
  • Use appropriate field settings to avoid discrepancy.
  • Do not use many languages in the field properties.
  • Use Image Enhancement Profile to adjust image to the expected quality and background.

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