Vantage Auto input and Auto output and manual Review

Currently I use FileZilla to manually add files to the Vantage Process skill input folder. can this process be set up automatically by using a network hot folder like in (ABBY FlexiCapture) or can it watch an email account?

Also can the manual review be set to send an email to user for docs needing Manual review?

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    Anton Vakhtel

    Hi Danny,

    You can use any SFTP client to upload the documents in Vantage or download the results. Some of SFTP clients allow mounting the SFTP folder as a network drive, so I recommend looking into it.

    You can also set up the import from the mailbox in the Input activity of Process Skill.

    Setting up email notifications will require adding a Custom Activity to the Process Skill and implementing sending an email notification via script.




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