[Web Verification] checkRulesError 400 bad request


Yesterday, my team upgrade a file storage to a new volume (from volume H to E), also the path on connect to existing database also to the new volume.

This file storage shared to 2 node (cluster).

I copy data from H volume to E volume.

after that, when i working on web verification, then open a task, correct data of some field,

then i click complete button, the error show:


An error has occurred when saving the document data and carrying out a rule check. Try clicking the "Check Rules" button again.


Status code: 400, status message: Bad Request.


Error code: checkRulesError


p/s: if i keep the result of recoginition, don't edit any field then the error don't occur.


Thank you.

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    Nguyễn Thế Lâm

    i have fixed this issue.

    add Network service to security tab of share folder.

    notice to check: modify, read, write, ...


    Thank you.

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    Oscar Alvarez


    I get the same error.

    What is the folder to add the network service?
    Because I have tried and it keeps giving the same error
    Thank you very much
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    Nguyễn Thế Lâm

    Hi Oscar,

    the folder that you config the "path" here:


    select: Application Server -> Path

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    Otto Holota


    After upgrade my apple phone ( 8 S+ the aplication is not vorking propely. There is not possible  to open it, even Pro version.

    Many thanks Otto


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