JWT token refresh automatize in Alteryx?

I have a workflow in Alteryx where I pull some data from Adobe Analytics through a JSON request, but I also have some authentication credentials such as url, client id, client secret and jwt token. The problem is I have to refresh this workflow every single day and I would prefer to schedule it on Alteryx mulesoft server but I have to manually change the jwt token every day in order for the workflow to run (security reasons I think). Is there any way I could automatically refresh the JWT token daily too? The token is taken from Adobe Developer Console by using a private key.

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    Maryna Ivashchenko


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    Ravikant Chouhan


    Automating the refresh of your JWT token for your Alteryx workflow in the context of Adobe Analytics can be achieved by setting up a process that handles the token refresh automatically. 

    I would suggest you to update Workflow configuration and modify your Alteryx workflow to use the newly refreshed JWT token. You might need to parameterize the JWT token value within your workflow so that it can be updated programmatically.


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    Tanu Sharma

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