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I have started using ABBYY but would like to formally study this product. I have no access at the moment to the program to just learn about it and create things or modify things so I would like to find some resource that goes through lessons and examples of what may be possible with ABBYY as I do not have a project of my own in mind to know what questions need answering but in using ABBYY applications others have created I would like to know what to ask for in modifications. Please suggest maybe recommended links to learn about ABBYY and to create projects or use its full capabilities.

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    Maryna Ivashchenko


    Thank you for writing.


    You are very welcome to ABBYY University to get free e-learning courses on ABBYY Products.

    Please register here and enjoy ABBYY Training.

    As soon as you have the ABBYY University account, you can also refer to the Resources page to get available additional materials.


    Kind regards,

    Maryna Ivashchenko


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