Recognizing/Extracting field values for Flexicapture for Invoices

Hi everyone. What is best approach to ensuring Flexicapture For Invoices (FFI) product captures the correct field? I ask because FFI uses a pre-built/out-of-the-box FlexiLayout to capture fields on invoices. And this default FlexiLayout cannot be edited/customized. Our documents are native PDF which means they are high quality and ideal for capturing field values.

One more important thing. The problem comes from the fact I am having trouble capturing the correct address field value. There is more than one address on the invoice and many times FFI is capturing the wrong address.

Your help is appreciated. 

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    Anzhelika Fedko

    Hi Demetrius Brown,

    I've noticed that your question is still unanswered, so I've created a Customer Support ticket. The Support Team will get in touch with you soon.


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