DatabaseLookUp without Datasets

Hello ABBYY-Users, 

We currently have the problem that our datasets are very slow. Our search in one field currently takes 1 1/2 minutes.

The problem with the datasets is known to ABBYY and will hopefully be fixed with a new version. 

We are currently trying to get directly to the database from a field with the custom action and to get a result with a similar view to the dataset selection. Unfortunately, we only have a Suggest available on the IField, which you can pass an array. From trial and error we have come to the conclusion that we can only assign a result from the database to this one field with the Suggest. If there are several entries in the database for this result, we only get the display from this one column listed, but we would also like to list the contents of the other columns. The question is, is this also possible with the Suggest, or are there alternatives, for example to use the nice display that is shown when searching in the datasets. 

We want to make a selection from the database, if several entries are found, then the user should click on them and the fields should be filled with the result from the selection line. 

Does anyone here have experience with this? 



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    Adrian Enders

    You need to create your own UI to handle the selection of multiple options. Using a dataset provides the nice, neat UI. 

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    Steffen Salomo

    Adrian Enders you have any information on how to start to create an own UI and handle multiplie selections. 

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    Adrian Enders

    Sure, high level, you use Visual Studio to create your own DLL with a Windows Form control. Then reference that DLL in FlexiCapture. It takes a bit of work. I have managed to avoid it so far because of the effort involved, but I have previously done this with other systems.

    Another option might be to use a table in FlexiCapture. Load the table with the options from the result set and let the operator select the correct row. It wouldn't require external custom code. but it might be a little awkward for the operators. 

    I would think that there are probably other options ... web service calls with a web page maybe.

    I still always try and use what FlexiCapture gives us. Hope this helps a little. 


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