Getting original field value before normalization


I'm currently struggling on achieving one thing. I have a date field, which has set normalization. For example when the date is 12JAN2023, it gets normalized to 12.01.2023. I need to get the field original value before normalization (something like recognized value). But the IField, IFieldRegion and such interfaces in IRuleContext doesn't have anything like that.

I tried to create a helper field which has the same region, but the problem is - when the original field gets changed, the previous one wont. Even if I change regions, the value on the helper field does not get recognized. 

So my question is - iss this even possible to achieve? Can i access the original field value, and or force re-recognition of changed region?


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    Adrian Enders

    I took a look at this. I was not able to work out a solution either, good question. Did you find a resolution yet?

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    Dalibor Hon

    I have found a "solution" which is a workaround. In autocorrection script, there's an IValue object, which is the original field value before normalization. So i'm creating a custom JSON string, something like { "originalFieldValue" : "Field Value" } and adding it to the field, and then I'm parsing in on the other side in field rule script. Of course there is a lot more logic to it than this, but it kind of works.


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