VB Script not working / not able to configure new script rule.

Hi All, 

I am trying to add a condition in below script in the abbyy document definition fields

VB Script: 

if me.Field("Name").Value="WORLEY NEDERLAND BV" then
me.Field("OperatingUnit").Value ="WP NL OU"
end if

The Name field is a BU field, and it has a condition as "Value should exist in the database." in Document Definition Rules 
The OperatingUnit field is a service field, In which I am trying to add the above script 


Now, when I try to uncheck the read only option for operating field and try to click on edit button, I am getting the below error 

 Kindly help. 

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    Adrian Enders

    You cannot update the contents of a service field. Service fields are read-only even in scripts. Use a standard text field.


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