C# VisualComponents with FRE 12


I'm testing the sample code C# using visualcomponents, and I notice the following on the sample code:


1-The LoadEngine call is always the first call before start to use visualcomponents.

2-The engine must stay loaded for the lifecycle of visualcomponents

2.1- From this point forward, I can use visualcomponents but the licence is always locked, even I'm not doing any recognition task on visual components.

3-Engine must be unloaded just after the unload of visualcomponents.

Is there a way to use visualcomponents and unload engine when no recognition tasks are performed, loading engine again, if any engine module is to be used? 

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    Nikolai Kromm


    Visual Components are tightly linked to FRDocument and FRPage objects, so there should be no point of using it without the Engine loaded.

    We can discuss your desired workflow in more detail in a new support ticket.

    Please let me know if you want to create it yourself, or if you would like me to create it.

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    José Manuel Andrade

    thks for the response. If you can create it, I appreciate.
    thank you


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