Error: internal program error D:\Build\TeamAgent\_work\4\s\0\OCRT\PdfTools\PdfService\Src\AcroformName.cpp. 70.

I'm getting the following error with FineReader PDF 15:

Internal program error: D:\Build\TeamAgent\_work\4\s\0\OCRT\PdfTools\PdfService\Src\AcroformName.cpp, 70.

After I click OK I'm then getting this error:

D:\Agent\_work\205\s\0\Shell\Components\Pdfengine\Dll.PdfEngine\PdfBatch\PdfPageImage.cpp, 315.

And then typically the program closes itself. 


This isn't happening with every pdf I open.  Just occasionally, but always with specific documents.  I have two example documents in front of me where on one the error pops up right when I open it.  The other doesn't occur until I scroll down to page 40. And if I skip page 40 (say, just type in to go directly to page 45) then I don't get the error message.  Unless I scroll up back around 40 then the error pops up again.  So I assume the program is having an issue with opening certain pages of the document.  But, I can open both pdfs in a browser without any issues.  Any idea what this means, and how do I fix it?  

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