How to get vendor multiple name values from dataset.


I want to get vendor multiple values like Name1, Name2 and Name3 from external DB. But I am getting only Name1 value.

 String name1 = dataSetTableRecord.getField("Name");

If I am trying to get like Name2 value like this:-

 String name2 = dataSetTableRecord.getField("Name1");

Then I am getting exception.

Exception message:- The specified field was not found. Check the field name.

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    Adrian Enders

    I think you need to add the field to the dataset first.

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    Sunil Edupuganti

    Hi Adrian Enders,

    Name1, Name2 and Name3 already there in external DB. How to get external column values.

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    Adrian Enders

    That makes sense now. I don't know of a way to get to these. The dataset creates these extra columns as it needs to. I would need someone from ABBYY to explain the details. I have a guess - I think that datasets are actually "SQLite" files. So if you could figure out a way to access the files directly you could get to the columns. That won't be supported by ABBYY. I wouldn't advise it. I think these extra columns the dataset creates are to support the ability to modify the Vendor data without modifying the data source. 

    I assume you are trying to access these in a Rule script (or similar). You can only access the "Data set column" from scripts, not these "external database column" fields; as far as I know. That's why you get field not found errors.

    Hope this helps.


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