Hello, I have a question about the ABBYY Vantage Advanced Designer.

You are currently using the ABBYY Vantage Advanced Designer.

You want to create Document Skill for documents with tables (PDF documents) that span two pages to extract data in the form of Nested Repeating Groups through the Extraction Rules function in Activities.

There are two questions when extracting the data.

1. We designated the area as a repeating group that repeats the table across two pages and selected the elements that will be the header part. At this time, I checked using the "Match" function and found that there were three instances instead of two, so I wonder why there are three instances.

2. When using a Nested Repeating Group, how do I select a Repeating Group in the table if there is no Key value in the table (for example, there is a Key value at the top and no Key value at the bottom)?

Please reply as soon as possible. :)

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    Anton Vakhtel

    JungHyun Hi,

    I will create a ticket from your question and ABBYY Support Team will contact you as soon as possible.



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    JungHyun Hi,

    You can check the maximum limit of repeating group in instance, by default it will be 10 so it forms new instances.

    Solution:Increase the maximum limit.



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