Automatically sort pages by date using pages headers

Hi all

I would like to find a way to automatically sort pages inside the same document by automatically reading the pages headers located at the top right of the page images, and sorting them out after running the OCR function

In my business people come with lots of documents, and I have to sort them either before or after scanning them 

Is there a way t do this ?

Thanks a lot

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    Nikolai Kromm

    Hi Harry,

    You can change the order of pages using the Swap Method of the FRPages Object.

    In terms of header reading you can either

    1. use automatically detected blocks, and find the block, which should contain the header information
    2. or add a block at the designated coordinates manually (AddNew Method of the LayoutBlocks Object)

    If you choose the first, you might need to iterate through each block on the page and determine, whether it contains the header information.
    To do so, you will need to check its text contents or coordinates. For coordinates approach, you can use, for example, HasIntersectionWithRect Method of the Region Object.

    If you choose the latter, please note, that you might want to delete the manually added block after its text value is used, to prevent text duplication. The text might be duplicated if there are 2 text blocks containing the same area with text on the input document.

    Let me know if it helps.


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