REDUCING FILE SIZE - DOES NOT WORK on Abbyy FinerRader 16 Corporate

Hi, has anyone else been experiencing issues with the "Reduce File File Size" function on Abbyy FinerRader 16 Corporate?

Either it does not reduce the file data size at all or it increases the data size of the file?

and yes, I have repaired the installation several times.

Makes no sense and it has been happening for months.

Luckily I still run Adobe DC Pro as a Back Up Application and Adobe DC has no problem Reducing the file size on files that Abby either doesn't reduce at all or worse yet even enlarges the file size of the file I am attempting to reduce.

Is anyone able to help me out with this?

I am a user with years of experience on both Abbyy and Adobe DC Pro and have never encountered this issue before?



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    Victoria Dvornikova

    Hello John,

    I have created a support ticket based on your Community post here. Please await a reply from our Customer Support agent. 


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