PDF with embedded Vectorgraphics and Fonts are not recognized

I have a pdf-file which should be converted in docx or rtf. In this pdf are Adobe Illustrator drawings embedded as vector graphics and text (a real font not outlines!). The text in the Illustrator drawings can be searched by Adobe Acrobat. What I cannot understand is why Abbyy FineReader 16 is not able to process this textual information of the embedded pictures. Is there a way to tell FineReader to use the available information in the pdf and transfer it to the converted document?

Example (pdf in, searchable text in the picture):


Example (FineReader out, rasterized picture without textual information at all):

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    Victoria Dvornikova

    Hello Michael,

    I have created a support ticket based on your post. Please await a reply from our Customer Support agent. 


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