ABBY Vantage vs ABBY Flexicapture

Hi Team,

I am new to ABBY and I do not know with which I should start my ABBY journey. Could anyone please help me with the differences between ABBY FlexiCapture and ABBY Vantage?

Thankyou in Advance

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    Maryna Ivashchenko

    Hi Seema,


    Thank you for writing.


    We usually choose between ABBYY Vantage and ABBYY FlexiCapture based on our document processing workflow, security requirements, infrastructure, and ability to develop document capture algorithms.


    Vantage is a modern cloud-native platform that runs as a set of Docker containers managed by Kubernetes on ABBYY Public Cloud. You do not need to install and maintain Vantage. At the same time, while FlexiCapture is built on an older stack of protocols, it can be easily deployed on-prem.


    Vantage is "packed" with a lot of Production-ready Skills and Framework Skills that are ready for processing of different document types and require minimum effort from your side. You can create custom Skills or purchase available Skills on Marketplace. FlexiCapture requires a lot more development by the user. FlexiCapture can process only Invoices, Purchase Orders, and Receipts "out-of-the-box". But they still require some customization from your side.


    Please find a FlexiCapture/Vantage comparison chart below. 



    You can request ABBYY Vantage Demo here: 

    ABBYY FlexiCapture Demo here: 


    Kind regards,

    Maryna Ivashchenko

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    Seema A

    Hi Maryna,

    Thankyou for the information. I would like to learn the licensing cost for ABBY flexicapture. We are planning to procure ABBY flexicapture license. Please let me know if there is Organization discounts available. 

    It would be great if you share me the complete licensing details.

    Thankyou in advance,

    Seema A

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    Anzhelika Fedko

    Hi Seema A,

    I've forwarded your request to our Sales Team.
    They will get in touch with you via email.

    Wishing you a good day!


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