FC12 database table data


is it possible to delete data from the table from the database?

We set the deletion of the exported project to 3 days, but this table is almost 10GB.

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    Paul Nebergall

    I am running into the same issue.  FC12, SQL Express DB with a 10 GB limit.  Ran for years on earlier version of FC.  Now the DB fills up quickly when scanning new batches, even when batches are deleted as soon as processing is complete.  It has also slowly grown from a base of 5.3 GB in May to 8.9 GB now. It has hit the 10 GB limit on multiple occasions.  All of the space is inside the dbo.FileStorage table.  41,000 records and nearly 9 GB at the moment.  Have been completely unable to shrink it further.  Early on, I was able to get it to roll back from ~7GB to ~5GB when needed.  Those days are over. No one seems to know enough about how their program works to give me guidance on getting it cleaned up.  Looks like my only option is to re-install and have it use the local file system for storage - which frankly should be the SOP for any install against a SQL Express DB in my opinion - and cross my fingers.  Let me know if you have any luck finding someone that decides to stop ignoring this type of space recovery request.  Believe me, we aren't the only ones having these issues. Love the program, just wish they could be more responsive (and effective) in solving this problem.

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    Anton Vakhtel


    It is strongly not recommended to manually delete anything in FlexiCapture DB. See this link for more information: Data cleanup in FlexiCapture 12
    dbo.FileStorage table in the FlexiCapture database is used only when external File Storage was not specified when creating the database. Please see more details in the following ABBYY Online Help article:
    Note that If no file storage is available, FlexiCapture will store all project files in the database. If the number of documents you need to process is relatively small, this will not have any adverse effects on performance and security, and it will be easier to back up your data. However, if you need to process large numbers of documents, the database will grow very quickly, decreasing performance. Due to this, we only recommend running FlexiCapture without file storage in low-volume or demo projects.
    If you do not create File storage while creating the database, you will not be able to create the file storage while ABBYY FlexiCapture is running. File storage created when the database was created cannot be disabled while ABBYY FlexiCapture is running.
    With that being said, it is suggested that you recreate your Database and use External File Storage. For reference see this link: Creating a database.
    Now, before creating the database you have you download the Project, see the steps here - DownloadProject. Then, once all project has been downloaded you may now proceed on recreating the database.
    After re-creation of the database, you may then upload those Projects. See the steps here - UploadProject
    Finally, verify everything that all are the same and working as expected. If all are good and confirmed, you may delete the old database.

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