Black and white conversion of empty colour scan page creates mess

Hello.  In Finereader 15 when I use a hot folder to batch convert colour scans, a blank (empty, no text or image) colour scan page is often converted into a messy Rorschach-like ink blot instead of a clean white page.  Is this a result of a setting I might be using or is there any way to avoid this?



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    Yuriy Korotkevych

    Hi Karl! It looks like the result of binarization of the image, i.e. making it purely black-and-white, with just two color gradations: black and white. It can be useful for some document conversion cases, but in most cases it isn't needed for quality OCR and conversion. 

    Check this setting in your Hot Folder task, on the "Process" step, "Preprocessing Options" button - it should be off:

    Also, check the Document type setting ("Recognition Options" button) and make sure it's "Auto" (unless you convert fax or typewriter documents):

    If this doesn't help, please open a support ticket by submitting a request on this page.


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