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I'm struggling to get ABBYY FineReader 12 to work for situations like this when there are tables within the cells of other tables. It will either combine it into one table with several smaller cells, or if the inner table is borderless, it will always read it as a text block. Is there a way to do further processing for each individual cell to allow for it to detect tables inside of cells?

This is a borderless example. The rectangles represent text areas. The nested table on the top right corner is identified as streams of text rather than a table and it is identified within the top right cell of the outer table.

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    Nikolai Kromm

    Hi Riana,

    Let us discuss the current question in more detail in the new support ticket, as we might require some additional information to investigate.

    For example, I was unable to reproduce this behavior on my side with default parameters on the newest build of FineReader Engine 12 (


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