Abbyy Barcode split functionality is not working as expected, when 2 non barcode invoices ran through they are merging

Hello All, 

We have created a new batch type to split the invoice using barcode separation in abbyy flexicapture setup station.

Created new BatchType --> Image Processing (Create document--> for images separated by = page with barcode)

On Image import profile, we have selected the new batch type created to split invoice document by using "Pages with barcode".

It split the invoice document as expected, when a single document with barcode is processed, but when we have tested with 2 documents(one doc with barcode and on doc with no barcode), Now, it has split the document with barcode and when 2nd doc with no barcode is processed, instead of creating as a new document, its attached to 2nd split of the doc with barcode document.

Doc1 --> with barcode
Doc2 --> without barcode

After split with barcode, Results as below.
Doc1 ---> Split1
Doc1 ---> Split2 + Doc2(with no barcode)

Expected was below.
Doc1 ---> Split1
Doc1 ---> Split2
Doc2(with no barcode)

So, the batch type we have created on Batch level which looks like it combines all the files with in the batch and then split by barcode and create as a new documents which is inconsistent and not helpful with invoice document with no barcode when processed. I have also tested for the with 4 documents with no barcode, when processed it actually created as a single document.

Any help on this would be appreciated.

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    Maryna Ivashchenko

    Hi Naveen,


    Thank you for writing.


    In this channel, we discuss questions and comments regarding courses and certification at ABBYY University.

    We have forwarded your question to the corresponding support team. Your request will be processed in ticket #562969. Please await the answer from support shortly.


    Kind regards,

    Maryna Ivashchenko


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