Abby FineReader Copy As Table Putting In Unncessary Tabs

I am using Abbyy FineReader to copy audit data and paste them into a spreadsheet to be imported to a database. 

I open the PDF, draw a box around the table I need and then click the "Copy As Table" button.  Works great.  Except, when I go to paste the data in to the spreadsheet, some cells are misaligned because when the cell has "$    1,161,263"  it is copying that as $[tab]1,161,263 which causes it to be pasted across multiple cells on the spreadsheet (Google Sheets). 

How can I tell Abby FineReader to never use a tab WITHIN a cell, only spaces, and only use tab when it is moving to the next cell? 

 Here is an image to show an example of the image I'm trying to copy: 


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    Victoria Dvornikova

    I'd like to add the information from the ticket to this post. 

    According to FineReader PDF 15 specification, Google Sheets was not announced as a supported program on the list of supported applications. We cannot guarantee the correct functioning of the application in this case as FineReader PDF 16 has not been tested on Google applications. 
    As a workaround, you can copy the table in FineReader PDF 16 and paste it into Excel Worksheet where the issue does not occur. After that copy this table again from the Excel document and insert it into Google Sheets.

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    Victoria Dvornikova

    Hello Curtis,

    As I can see you also created a support ticket with our Customer Support team. As the issue requires some investigation we will reply to you in the ticket. 


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