Read aloud and Alt text

Two questions: 

1) When I am checking OCR, it would be useful if I could have a Read aloud option, so I can just listen and read from the original text to see that it is correct. Does this exist? 

2) ALT text: When I have scanned a text with images and identified something as an image, can I add the alt text to that image frame, so that when I export to PDF, it has an image description? 


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    Yuriy Korotkevych

    Hi Ros, thank you for your questions! Unfortunately, reading aloud and adding or editing ALT text for pictures are not available in FineReader PDF. Exporting to PDF/UA will automatically add generic ALT tags to the pictures in the document, however editing them would require an external software.

    I will forward your request to the product team. 

    Best regards, Yuriy


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