How to solve the flexilayout Issue?

Hi, I am working on flexilayout to extract data from handwritten form and it seems it is not reading the correct data. Are there any additional configuration to this. I have attached a relevant screen shots. When i match the handwritten documents it is not able to read data, but it reads the digital form data easily.

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    Anton Vakhtel

    Rohan Goswami Hi,

    This request requires a closer look at the files you are trying to process and your FlexiLayout project. Please create a Support Request for it: ABBYY Customer Support Handbook: registering and submitting a support request – Help Center.

    I recommend attaching sample images and your FlexiLayout Studio project to your request when creating it so that our Support Team would be able to answer you right away. Please note, that the whole folder where the FlexiLayout Studio project is stored is required for us to be able to open it, so you can attach it as a zip archive.

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