Modifying a document AFTER it's been Recognized and its OCR Corrected

I'm new to Abbyy FineReader, but have a large tranche of typewritten and carbon copy documents from ca 1910 to scan and OCR. I'm trying to retain the original look and feel of the old documents.   The OCR output has required a LOT of correction. 

I'm using ABBYY FineReader 16 on a Windows computer. I'm using ABBYY's scanning software. 

I worked hard to scan and OCR about 10 lengthy documents, and thought they'd be fine as I viewed them within ABBYY FineReader. However, when I opened the searchable PDFs outside of ABBYY FineReader, I discovered that they are unreadable--too pale. I decided this is a scanner failure so I purchased a new scanner.  

(1) My first question is, how to proceed with the existing OCR'd documents.  Can the OCR editing be salvaged?   Is there a way to Edit the image quality page by page e.g. to darken them (Note that this is after I've OCR'd and edited the OCR) WITHOUT losing all the OCR layers/recognition/corrections?  Or, alternatively,   is it possible to substitute a new (identical) scanned image wile retaining the original OCR layer? It just seems like any tampering I do with my project causes it to require re-recognition of all the pages...which means all my former corrections are lost.
(2) Throughout this multidocument project I've found that the alignment in the recognized pages is really "off" and inconsistently so, compared to the original images...though there are no tabs or manual line breaks visible that I can use to make corrections.  I'm referring to lines of text that should appear along the margin, or indents that are altogether inconsistent on the page.  Why is this and how do I solve it?  

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    Victoria Dvornikova

    Hello Shirley,

    I have created a support ticket based on your Community post. Please wait for the reply from our Customer Support agent. 


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