Is there a way Linelevel Description can be taken from next line if its blank

For my scenario, Invoice has multiple pages and Line items contents also. But normal training approach, it skips the Description part since its in the 2nd page. Is there a way we can apply script to take next line item if particular row is blank. Or anyother way.


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    Ranjit Nayak

    ABBYY Team, Is there a way we can fix this in Layout or script anything. Please suggest.

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    Anton Vakhtel

    Ranjit Nayak Hi,

    You can check for the empty cells in a table and move the lines according to your specifications using the script rules: Script rule (

    The exact implementation depends on your exact scenario. 

    If you'd like ABBYY experts to create a ready-to-go solution for you, you may create a request to the Professional Services Team using the web form. They offer paid services and will email you separately to discuss pricing and technical requirements.

    Best regards,



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