[FlexiCapture12] Deactive and Active license to move to other licensing server.

Dear ABBYY support team,

Now I want to move license key to another server
Note: neither the current license server nor the new server has an internet connection.
So please guide me in this case.

P/s1: I read the help section and saw a line like this "You can de-activate an activated license in order to use it on another computer. When you de-activate a license, the activation server reduces the activation counter for this serial number by one."

So how many times can I move my license?

P/s2: Protection type of my license is: Software (File)

Thank you very much.

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    Anton Vakhtel

    Nguyễn Thế Lâm Hi!

    To deactivate the license, an internet connection is required. So if your environment is entirely offline, I suggest creating a support request when you need your license to be deactivated.

    The number of available activations and deactivations can be checked only on our side, so you could submit a support request with this question, or contact your ABBYY Account Representative if you need a certain number of activations and deactivations in order to discuss the license changes with them.

    Best regards,



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