Write to me which document does not have optical character recognition (OCR).

I have thousands of scanned documents, and I need to know which ones have optical character recognition (OCR) and which ones don't.
I don't have the ability to open each document by itself to check.
I have ABBYY FineReader 16
Apparently there is such an option, but I couldn't find where to do it.
Is there any way to check all my scanned documents and tell me which ones do not have OCR?
Or is there any such software in the world at all?

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    Maryna Ivashchenko

    Hi Arye,

    Thank you for writing.

    In this channel, we discuss questions related to ABBYY University.

    Your question was forwarded to the corresponding support team. Please await the answer from support shortly.


    Kind regards,

    Maryna Ivashchenko


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