Due Date has wrong format error for certain invoice


I am using the Vantage API as mentioned in the documentation below

However, I get the following error for one of the invoices. How do I fix it? Note: This works fine if I use the same invoice in the Skills catalog (after I classify it as US Invoice)

{"Version":"3.0","Fields":{"Currency":"$","Invoice Data":{"Due Date":""},"Invoice Date":"","Invoice Number":"222","Invoice Type":{"Credit Note":false,"Invoice":true},"Line Items":[{"Is Valid":false}],"Purchase Order":[{"Order Checked":false}],"Reversed Charge":false,"Total":"2650","Vendor":{"Address":"509 ABC SQUARE\nNew York, NY 10022","Name":"ABC LLC","Tax ID":"121301015"}},"RuleErrors":[{"RuleName":"Check invoice and line items currency","ErrorMessage":"Currency does not match allowed values. \n Main Currency;"},{"RuleName":"Normalization","ErrorMessage":"Due Date has wrong format"},{"RuleName":"Normalization","ErrorMessage":"Invoice Date has wrong format"}]}

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    Vishal Kalra

    Any idea on this error?

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    Tatiana Dyu

    Hi, when you submit an invoice for processing via API, what skill do you apply? Once you identify what document skill is being used, you can then explore the settings of the invoice date field in this skill. I guess the invoice date field is set to required in your skill, and since it is empty (judging by the JSON), it shows an error.


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