How to send a batch to Verification Stage, if not matched to any Doc Definition or if field value is empty

I want to send the batch that is being received, to Verification Station if it doesn't match to any document definition or, if a particular field value is empty.

Am using a script :
Document.Properties.Set("DocumentDefinitionName", "VendorInvoicesOFF");
And an event handler to force match it to the document definition "VendorInvoicesOFF" if after recognition, the Match is still unknown. 

I then am trying to use an entry condition rule that if (the field value is empty) for Verification Stage in the workflow property. 

Script : 

Exit Route: 

Recognition Exit Route:

Unfortunately, it's not able to send it to Verification Stage even after having the rule set. 

Document definition is getting matched as required, when it is of type "Unknown Document". 

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    Anton Vakhtel

    Adarsh Mohanty Hi,

    To be able to answer your question, more details and the project with a sample document to reproduce the issue you are facing are needed, so I created a Customer Support request based on your post. Customer Support Team will be in touch with you soon.

    Best regards,



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