FineReader PDF for Mac recognition error between "l" and "i"

I recognized Max Scheler's articles(German), but his name was all recognized as Max Scheier. How can I correct this error? FineReader PDF for Mac does not seem to have a user training mode and cannot add custom dictionaries.

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    Victoria Dvornikova

    Hello Johannes,

    Please note, that OCR quality highly depends on the quality of the original image. For the issue described try to change the resolution for the recommended in Image Editor:

    1. Open the file in FineReader PDF for Mac
    2. Go to Image Ditor (the icon is on the top right)
    3. Select Image Resolution and click Detect Optimal Resolution
    4. Click Change Resolution
    5. Recognize the page again by clicking on the Recognize button
    6. Export the result. 

    If these actions don't help, please create a support ticket and provide us with the original file. We will try to investigate the cause deeper. 

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    Thank You!


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