Feature Request: OCR Editor Style Editor improvements

I'm finding the Style Editor in OCR Editor to be a blessing and a curse: It's very powerful in its ability to assign heading levels to different text styles for appropriate tagging in exported PDFs, but it's remarkably difficult to work with. A few things I've noticed and would love to see updated:

1. There's no (easy, obvious) way to delete unused styles. I did eventually figure out that I could merge an unused style with a used style to remove the unused style, but it would be nice if styles could simply be deleted. If there's concern about deleting a style that's in use, it seems reasonable for any text using that style to regress down to whatever the basic "Body Text" generic style is.

2. Proper keyboard access and tabbing. For example, when I create a new style or edit an existing style and click on the style title to rename it, when I hit "tab", I expect to tab over to Font name, then Font size, and so on, to define all of the available settings. Instead, tabbing jumps all the way out of the styles box to the "Previous fragment" button; shift-tabbing from there to get back to where I was selects the entire line for the style instead of the title editing field. What it boils down to is this part of the program cannot be reliably navigated from the keyboard, and there's a certain irony in a program that I'm using to increase the accessibility of PDFs itself fails some of the basics of application accessibility standards.

3. Some UI for setting other font characteristics. The main window UI includes a Text Properties pane that allows adjustment of a number of font and character settings (underline, color, super/subscript, strikethrough, small caps, alignment, background color, scale, and spacing) that cannot be defined or edited through the Style Editor UI. Maybe adding a "More" column with a [...] selector that would open a pop-up to set those for a given style?

Thanks for considering these!

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    Sagan Wallace

    +1 to all, but especially the 3rd one!

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    Yuriy Korotkevych

    Hello Michael! Thank you very much for your feedback and suggestions! I've forwarded them to the FineReader Product Development team for consideration. When any of those are implemented in a future FineReader PDF release, we'll mention it in the corresponding Release Notes article.

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    Michael Hanscom

    Oh! Hopefully you don't mind my tacking on two more -- meant to include these in the first post, but forgot as I was writing it out. Again, both related to the Style Editor in OCR Editor.

    1. Export/Import of stylesheets. Working in education, we have a lot of old documents that need remediation and are very similar to each other. It would be nice if I could work on one, and once I have the correct style definition and heading assignments assigned, export that stylesheet so that with the next document, I could import that stylesheet and have the correct styles ready to go instead of having to re-define them all every time.

    2. "Lock" the styles. This is somewhat related to the export/import suggestion, but could be handy in other situations as well. Basically, I'd like to tell OCR Editor that the existing styles are the "final" styles, and it should only use those, instead of creating new styles if/when it re-processes a document/project. This would help in the above scenario, when I (in theory) opened a document, imported a stylesheet, and then recognized the document, so that the defined styles would be used instead of new styles being created that would then require correction.

    It could also help for situations where the text layer doesn't have to perfectly match the visual presentation of the original. Especially when working with old scanned documents, I'm not so much concerned with matching the look of the original as I am with simply having an accurate text layer that can be accessed by assistive technology. I'd be thrilled if I could (combining these two suggestions), open a document, import a style sheet, lock the style sheet, recognize the document, and then do a quick pass to define heading levels and body text without really caring about how closely the text layer visually matches the original document. Basically, having the option of a content-focused workflow as priority over a presentation-focused workflow.

    Once again, thanks for your consideration!

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    Yuriy Korotkevych

    Hello Michael, of course we don't mind! Moreover, having such a high-quality, well-formulated feedback and suggestions is a treasure and is always highly appreciated. I've forwarded your additional suggestions to the Product team as well. Thank you!


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