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I've recently started using FineReader PDF for work reasons, and (aside from the odd quirks and a bug that I've already posted about and am getting assistance with) have been really impressed with what it can do in remediating PDFs.

I also volunteer for a non-profit organization in my free time, and do all my work for them on my home computer, which is a Mac. After learning FineReader on my (Windows-based) work PC and seeing that there was also a Mac version, I was looking forward to tossing some of my hard-earned money your way to get my own copy for home...

...and I'm glad I tried the demo first. It's disappointing that the Mac version doesn't offer the functionality of the OCR editor in the Windows version.

I don't know quite what your ratio of Windows to Mac users is, and (having been a Mac user for decades), I understand that the Windows market is bigger, and so most development resources go to that side of things. But if it's at all possible to work towards feature parity between the two versions and to get the OCR editor side working on macOS, I would be very appreciative (and you'd get one more license sold...which, okay, in the grand scheme of things, one more may not be huge, but I'm probably not the only Mac user who would jump on board).

Thanks for your consideration!

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    Yuriy Korotkevych

    Hello Michael!

    Thank you for your feedback! You're absolutely right that there's a difference in features between FineReader PDF Standard or Corporate on Windows and FineReader PDF for Mac. However, with the Advanced Conversion in FineReader PDF for Mac allows doing most of document conversion tasks in the same (or similar) way to the OCR Editor of the Windows version.

    Main capabilities of the OCR Editor of the Windows version are there in the Mac version as well: you have the tools to review the document before exporting/saving, adjust/redefine recognition areas, set up document language(s), enhance page images with the Image Editor, re-recognize certain parts of the document if needed, possibility to save your work in an OCR project, copy a selected area as text or a table, etc. Still, there is a difference too: the Mac version does not offer some other OCR Editor tools available in Windows version, such as verification tool, Text Editor, custom languages and dictionaries, and some others. 

    The detailed comparison of features available in FineReader PDF Standard, FineReader PDF Corporate on Windows and FineReader PDF for Mac is published as the "Full Feature List" pdf on by this link, and can be found on the product pages for both FineReader PDF (Windows) and FineReader PDF for Mac.

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    Michael Hanscom

    Yes, I know that there are differences (I did some digging into the same pages you link to after downloading the trial version of the Mac app and realizing it wouldn't do what I expected), and that there are some OCR Editor tools available on the Windows version that aren't available on the Mac version. That's why I made this post.

    And even if it's true that the Mac version "allows doing most of document conversion tasks in the same (or similar) way" (which, honestly, I doubt, given the large number of blank cells in the Mac column of the feature comparison PDF), the particular features that I'm using the most in OCR editor (defining the recognized area order, correcting errors in the OCR'd text, and editing/defining styles to set proper Heading tags on export for proper accessibility) are notably _not_ part of the Mac version.

    I'm not expecting an immediate change; I know that these things take time. I'm just noting that true feature parity between the two versions would be very welcome in the hopes that some future version will reach that goal.


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