Training OCR to recognise characters with macros.

Hi, I am wishing to train FineReader to recognise printed sixteenth century texts that include Latin abbreviation characters.

I can do this for atomic characters, eg 'LATIN SMALL LETTER  P WITH FLOURISH' and 'LATIN SMALL LETTER A WITH MACRON', but there are other characters which I need that are not atomic but compound, eg 'LATIN SMALL LETTER M' together with 'COMBINING MACRON'.

I do not seem able to enter the combined character into my user language alphabet, neither can I add the macron as its own character in the alphabet.  I have tried to enter a ligature (eg 'm & 0304 alt-x') without success, can you advise, please?

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    Maiia Chenchyk

    Hello Chris,

    As your question requires a closer examination, we have created a support request for you. Please await a reply from our Customer Support team in the request.


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